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When you look in the mirror, do you mostly like what you see, but wish you could just fix that one little flaw that has always bothered you? Are you frustrated by the slow progress of your diet and exercise plan, and wish you could just get rid of those last five pounds? Do you wish you looked just right in that special outfit? Unfortunately, our ability to change the shape and contours of the body can be frustratingly limited. Our physique is dictated primarily by genetics, and can be impacted by many factors beyond our control, such as the natural aging process, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy/childbirth, injury, and even significant fluctuations in weight. These factors lead to stubborn fatty deposits and unsightly bulges, loose/saggy skin, uneven body contours, and other aesthetic problems that cannot be fixed by dieting, exercising, or healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Hugh L. Vu and the staff at Vu Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery understand how frustrating it can be to make all the right lifestyle choices but still not feel satisfied with the shape of your physique. And despite the “quick fixes” and “easy solutions” promised by an ever-growing number of weight loss products and programs, body contouring surgery remains the safest, most effective, permanent way to enhance your physique, and to produce the body shaping results that diet and exercise alone cannot. Dr. Vu is pleased to offer a range of advanced body contouring surgical procedures, including:

When performed by a talented Board Certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Vu, these procedures can subtly transform your body and give you the lean, toned, shapely physique you have been striving for, but have been unable to achieve on your own. Body contouring allows you to improve your physique by:

  • Minimizing the appearance of unsightly bulges or “love handles” around the middle
  • Eliminating excess fatty deposits on the abdomen and thighs (“muffin top” and “saddle bags”)
  • Removing excess skin and tightening loose, sagging skin
  • Enhancing the curvature and profile of your buttocks, calves, and chest
  • Improving the balance and proportions of your body

The surgical procedures offered by Dr. Vu enable you to achieve your body shaping goals safely, effectively, and permanently. Dr. Vu will work closely with you to understand your unique anatomy and medical history, and will use this information to advise you as to which surgical body contouring procedures will best address your problem areas and cosmetic concerns. He will then develop a custom-tailored surgical plan designed to safely fulfill your aesthetic goals and give you the shapely, naturally-beautiful figure you have longed for.

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When faced with a barrage of advertisements for plastic surgeons, and a new medical spa popping up on every corner, it can be difficult to know which practice to trust and which cosmetic surgeon has the experience and clinical skillset to deliver the successful results you want. At Vu Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Stockton, CA, we set ourselves apart from other cosmetic enhancement practitioners with our professionalism, state-of-the-art facility, and commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Our lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Hugh L. Vu, operates under the premise of two very simple, yet critically important goals:

  • Offer only the most advanced surgical and cosmetic techniques in order to maximize your safety and comfort
  • Earn and maintain your trust and confidence by upholding the highest possible code of ethics and personal integrity

When you select Dr. Vu as your cosmetic surgeon, you can feel confident that you will receive the highest quality of patient care and will achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. You can breathe easier knowing that you will leave his office looking younger, feeling better, and with your face and body exactly the way you want it: stunningly, naturally beautiful!

If you would like more information about the customized body contouring surgery options offered at Vu Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, please contact our office today for an initial consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!