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Have you always believed that your breasts are too small for your frame? Have you always admired those women who can show just a hint of cleavage in that little black dress, or who fill out that bikini at the beach so nicely? Or have your breasts decreased in size due to breastfeeding or weight loss? Unfortunately, the size and shape of our breasts, as well as how our lifestyle choices are reflected on our chest, is dictated only by genetic make-up, and may not always match our physical shape or our idealized physique. Dr. Hugh L. Vu, lead surgeon at Vu Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Stockton, CA, offers breast augmentation surgery for women who are interested in increasing the size of their breasts and finally achieving the enhanced breast profile and shapely physique they have been dreaming about.

In order to ensure that your surgery will result in breasts that match your frame and look natural while minimizing the risk of uncomfortable complications such as capsular contracture, it is critical to select a surgeon who understands the importance of individuality. Dr. Vu is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with the extensive training and surgical experience necessary to ensure that your surgery is as safe, comfortable, and successful as possible, and with the commitment to the highest possible code of ethics necessary to help you develop a customized surgical plan that is uniquely designed to match your anatomy, medical history, and physique. Breast augmentation surgery cannot be successful with a “cookie-cutter” approach; instead, Dr. Vu’s personalized planning process will ensure that you leave his office completely satisfied with your natural-looking breasts, your enhanced profile, and your beautiful new physique!



Breast augmentation surgery is designed to enhance the size and volume of natural breasts. It is one of the most customizable surgical procedures with a wide variety of different options, each of which will dramatically impact the final results. At your initial consultation, Dr. Vu will help you understand the benefits and potential risks of each and every choice and will patiently walk you through every option to ensure that your choices result in the breast size, shape, and fullness that is perfect for you. The options you will face can be broken down into three main categories, including:

Implants type, shape, and size: Silicone gel implants are safer than ever before, and offer a natural look and feel. Moreover, they are less likely to ripple and cause unsightly changes in the breast tissue. They can have a moderate to ultra-high profile, and range in pre-determined sizes from 175cc to 800cc. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water that will be naturally reabsorbed by the body should a leak occur. Perhaps their greatest advantage is that they can be custom-filled to a precise size. Their profile is moderate to high. They require a smaller incision and are easier to remove, but may ripple over time. Both types can be smooth or textured and anatomical/teardrop or round/contoured in shape.

Implant placement: The placement of your implants can have a dramatic impact on the final profile of your chest. Submammary (subglandular) placement is between the chest muscle and breast tissue. Submuscular placement is underneath the chest muscle. The best placement will depend on your unique anatomy, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle choices.

Incision placement: The correct choice of incision placement depends on the type of implant and the placement site. The four options are: (1) Inframammary, where the incision is placed below the curve of the breast; (2) Periareolar, or an incision around the lower half of the areola; (3) Transaxillary, where the incision is near the underarm; and (4) Transumbilical (TUBA), involving an incision around the navel.

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When faced with a barrage of advertisements for plastic surgeons, and a new medical spa popping up on every corner, it can be difficult to know which practice to trust and which cosmetic surgeon has the experience and clinical skillset to deliver the successful results you want. At Vu Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Stockton, CA, we set ourselves apart from other cosmetic enhancement practitioners with our professionalism, state-of-the-art facility, and commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Our lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Hugh L. Vu, operates under the premise of two very simple, yet critically important goals:

  • Offer only the most advanced surgical and cosmetic techniques in order to maximize your safety and comfort
  • Earn and maintain your trust and confidence by upholding the highest possible code of ethics and personal integrity

When you select Dr. Vu as your cosmetic surgeon, you can feel confident knowing that you will receive the highest quality care and the best possible results. You can breathe easier knowing that you will leave his office looking younger, feeling better, and with your face and body exactly the way you want it: stunningly, naturally beautiful!

If you would like more information about having your breast augmentation surgery performed at Vu Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Vu.